Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5 reasons to not date in high school!

So many teens now a days feel the pressure to date in high school. If you date that means your pretty, cool and popular. And if you don't your weird, unwanted and... well you get it. So many teens actually believe this. As I entered high school I realized how much pressure you feel to date or have crushes. As I have thought about this, I realized that there are so many benefits to STAYING SINGLE in high school!! Here are my top 5 reasons to stay single in high school!!!


We all know that high school is stressful. Why add one more thing onto your plate that will make your life even more stressful? When we are put under that much stress we are constantly thinking about other things other than school work, grades, family and Jesus!! Take this time in your life to really learn, love Jesus and make long lasting friendships!

                                        2. YOUR HEART!!!

As girls, we have very sensitive hearts. God made us to grow up and get married. He wants us to fall in love... when we are ready. You most likely won't marry the guy you like right now. Why put ourselves through the pain of breakups and fights?

                                        3. YOUR HUSBAND!!!

Think about it. The guy you might be dating right now is probably someone else's husband. Only 14% of people marry their high school or even college sweetheart! That means that there is an 86% chance that you won't get married to your high school sweetheart, which means HE IS SOMEONE ELSE'S HUSBAND!!! Would you want to know that your future husband is out there dating a ton of other women?!?!

                                        4. FRIENDS!!!

When your not focused on dating him you can be his friend!! Being his friend is much more fun!! You don't need to stress, you can just relax and enjoy your teen years!! I once had a close guy friend say to me, "I like her (my friend), but I just want to be her best friend." That is what we should all be saying!! Just be their friend and if Jesus plans for you to marry him, guess what..... YOU WILL!!! 

                                        5. JESUS AND PURITY!!!

Because we are young, we make quick decisions. We jump instead of tiptoe. We need to focus on keeping our minds on God and saving our hearts for our husbands!!! I know that I want to save my first kiss, hand hold, and other "relationship things" for my husband!! 

What do you do for now? 

Keep in the WORD! That is my best advice! Ask God to keep you focused on Him instead of boys! Stay friends with those boys and hold your friendships close! I have always grown up with my mom encouraging me to have good relationships with boys and to treat them like brothers! After all, THEY ARE YOUR BROTHERS IN CHRIST!!!

If you have any questions or comments let me know!! I would love to pray for you and your precious heart!! Comment down below 1 reason you would/would not date in high school! I'd love to hear from you!!!

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why I'm NOT a feminist:


I am a female. I am a strong female. I am a confident female. I am a successful female. 

None of these things are because I am a feminist. I am, and you are, growing up in a society that tells us that we have to do everything a man does. We grow up hearing "you don't need a man to take care of you." We see more and more women staying single because they are"doing great" without a husband.
          Before we jump into the topic of feminism we need to first discus what it means to be a woman. Being a girl is more than just being female. We are more precious than rubies. We are one of a kind. We are different, set apart. We are PRINCESSES. We are called to be sweet, and caring. Not nagging and rude.

         Now, before you get upset and say "I have and opinion" or " I should get a say in my life." let me tell you what I mean. We, as women, are not called to be silent and opinionless. We are called in PROVERBS 11:16 ( A kindhearted woman gains honor, but ruthless men gain only wealth.) to be kindhearted. Not to down talk or emasculate men.

We don't need to do everything a man does in order to be equal. We can, but we don't need to. We can hold the door open as we enter a building, but why not let a man do that? We can go to work everyday just to prove we can, but why not stay at home with your children treasuring them? Why?

God says multiple times (1 Perter 3:1-2) that as women we are to submit ourselves to our husbands and fathers. This doesn't mean we have "less power" but it does mean that we have to obey. Our world has such an issue these days with submitting our lives to anyone.


That while they think they are earning us "power" and equality they are actually taking away our right to chose. What if we want to stay home, cook dinner for our family, and ask permission for certain things? Everyday I run into someone who claims to be a feminist. They tell me I just don't understand it. Let me tell you, I DO!!! But I don't feel the need to prove myself. Because guess what?!?!?!?! Jesus did that for me!!!! Another problem with feminism is that the "goal" of feminism is equality and sameness, but yet by doing this we are emasculating men and making ourselves greater than them. HOW IS THIS EQUALITY???????/

To wrap this all up, If this were the mid-twentieth century when women really didn't get paid the same and treated the same, I probably would be a feminist. But, that isn't the case anymore. We are getting paid the same and treated the same. 

It is more an issue of WHO you surround yourself with than it is an issue of inequality. 

We were created to be nurturing, kind, loving and sweet human beings. If you find your identity in Jesus you won't NEED an identity anywhere else. And that is the truth. 

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on feminism!!! Please, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, shoot me and email or leave a comment!! I hope you know just how much Jesus loves you and cares about you!!!!

                                YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!!!!!

Love always,
Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thanksgiving Recap!


We had the joy of having 21 family members and friends over!!

We decided to have a lovely setup of chairs and tables!! This was one of the center pieces made by Yours truly!
Sides went into the oven when the guests got to our home. 

This was the table BEFORE everyone ate!! 

Prayer circle before dinner! We were so lucky to be surrounded with so many  people we love! Children, teens, young adults, moms, dads, and seniors. 

This was the adults/older teens tables! 
One of our cousins helping the kids open their sparkling cider!
Some of the adults brought wine for other adults.
I consumed SOOO much food over that week!
This uncle of mine is such a role model! He loves his family, friends and most importantly Jesus! 
You may have heard me say in a recent post that this girl has a big heart, but I mean it!! This was her giving her momma kissies after dinner!
It always is so awesome to see her parents show tremendous love to her! 
They love her so much!!!
After dinner we had pies!!! We probably had at least 12 pies?!!!??!?!
I had pumpkin pie and it was soo delicious!! 
Some of the kiddos had these yummy cupcakes!
After dinner we took some friends to see the plaza lighting ceremony! This was right before the countdown!!
The night ended with this.... This is the plaza after the lights were turned on!!! So beautiful!!

How was your Thanksgiving? What are your traditions?
Leave a comment below! 

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Life Lately...

Well, it's been a while! Life has been crazy in every way possible. But a good kinda crazy, you know? The past couple months have been filled to the rim with family, friends, school, church/church events and extracurricular activities. On top of our exciting everyday life, it's Fall now, which makes everything even more exciting!!! What is your favorite season?
One of the many perks of being home schooled is that we can go on so many fun family field trips during the day. This particular day we were at a local farmstead that we go to each fall. (Don't worry, we didn't leave Madyson at home, she was taking the picture!;)
We met up with a family from our church at the farmstead. This is their daughter, Haley. She is such a bright and beautiful girl, with a heart bigger than anyone I've ever met before!!
I find the water pump amusing each time we go... it never gets old!!  ;)
Another day we decided to go out to lunch with the whole crew! Randy joined us for lunch before we went over to a sea aquarium!! The food there was so yummy!
Of course we had to pose for a picture with the lego statues before heading to the aquarium!! 
I just love this picture of Ava and I! It literally explains us! It was actually like a bubble that you sat in and it went up into the fish tank!! It was so cool!
Mom and I went to dinner one night with another girl and her mom! I just adore this girl right here! She always make me laugh!! We had some great conversations that night about school, life and Jesus! 
And of course mom and I had to have some coffee dates thrown in there too!!
Probably the best part of the last couple of months has been this. Back in June we started attending a church just down the road. We immediately fell in love with the church! We had been searching for a church that taught the truth and felt like a family. When we started coming to this church we knew that God had put us there for a reason! We actually became members in October! 

After becoming members of the church Katy and I decided to be baptized! Above, is a picture of us with our pastor just before being baptized!

The older kids in our family had the chance to go to our very first ever county fair with some friends!! It was definitely an experience! When we got there, around noon, we quickly found out that none of the events would be open until 6:00. Luckily, there were some 4H students who were showing their animals, so we watched that for a while! Then we all walked over to a little restaurant and had a late lunch!
We got to pet some horses while we were there too! 
Recently, I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life. Now, that may sound kind of silly, but you know that moment when you just know that something is for you.... well that was me about 2 months ago. 
I have decided that I would like to get my degree in Physical therapy and equestrian studies. I would like to open a horse ranch for riding and physical & mental therapy. Never in a million years would I have thought I would even be entertaining this idea, but I visited a ranch just like this and it was a light bulb moment. 
Lots of time spent with family! I am so lucky to have so many role models in my life! I am always learning from my family, even the littles!

I think it's time to sign off now and say goodbye!! 
Let me know in the comments what you have been up to lately! Also, if you'd like to say "hi" just post a comment down below, or shoot me an email! 
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Have a blessed week! Happy thanksgiving!!
 Blessings, Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Are you a "meal" Christian or a "Harvest" Christian?

Since it's fall I thought I would talk about something that has to do with "harvesting!!"

Last night, I had the privilege to hear a guest pastor speak at our church. As he was preaching, everything he said really spoke to me. Here are some key notes that I enjoyed. 

* Follow Jesus NOT your preferences.
- Sometimes we can be so focused on being "fed" by a sermon that we can gear off of what we are really called to do. This is called being a "meal" Christian. 
- Get your eyes off of the "meal" and onto the mission. Get out of your comfort zone and serve, desciple others. 
- GO DO IT Get out and DO IT!!

* It's in the harvest, get to work. 
- As Christians, we are called to be fishers of men. Be a worker bee, and invest in others. 
- Harvesting is hard work. God never said it would be easy. 
-Serve in your community and reach out to those who don't know Jesus. 
-EVANGELIZE!!! Go out and share the gospel!!!!!
- If you don't know your purpose in life yet,...... now you do!! Your purpose in life is to share the gospel with others!! 

Those are just a few of my notes that I took last night, but it really spoke to me. I mean, how often do we as Christians think to our selves "I love Jesus and everyone else should too" but then don't go out and actually tell everyone about him. I sometimes think to my self, "oh, I wouldn't want that person to think I was 'weird."  But if God is so good, and powerful, then why do we feel this way? 

So the question is, Are you a "meal" Christian or a "harvest" Christian?

I challenge you all, myself included, to go out and tell at least one person each day about Jesus this week! Think about how many lives could be impacted??!!?? Wouldn't that be amazing?? 

Thanks for reading!! Comment below with questions or comments!!
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Thanks for reading, have a blessed week!!

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday Faves!

          I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things from this past week. From                                                             music to food, or movies to activities!
                                                                    Here we go!

This movie right here......LOVE IT! All about a woman with a small bookstore and a man with a monstrosity of a bookstore. Passing each other everyday and at the same time holding conversations through an online chat room. Neither one of them know that the person they hate the most in person is really their online love.

This song is everything. It has been on my mind all week and I am almost always humming it!! "Behold our God, seated on his throne come let us adore him. Behold our king, nothing can compare, come let us adore him." 

We had this for dinner the other night. It is a family favorite and we make it all the time! They are called porcupines!
 RECIPE WILL GO UP ON MY FOODIE BLOG. (In the kitchen with Mackenzie Alexis)

It's a doosy but it is worth it!!!! I have been trying to do this every single morning and it only takes 5-10 minutes!! Helps me feel ready for my day!!

I had never worn BB cream before but I decide to buy some cheap from the store to see if I liked it and oh my..... It is the best thing ever because it is lightweight but still evens our skin tones!!! I wear this in a 810 and am IN LOVE!!

This verse is so inspiring. It is hard to do EVERYTHING in love. Sometimes we think "Well what if I do most things in love?" This verse reminds me that we must do all things in love. 

SO, there are some of my favorites from last week! Have you ever used/heard/watched any of the things I talked about and if so which was your favorite!!?? 

I hope you can find something on here that you'll love too!

As always, feel free to drop me an email or a comment down below!! Subscribe with your email to the side, so that you"ll get a notification when I post!!

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The importance of eating healthy.

Eating healthy can be hard, Trust me, I understand.  In my family we have pretty much always made from-scratch meals so it was always pretty easy to eat healthy.  But as I got older I was in charge of making my snack and I didn't always make the best choices.... And I still struggle with it.  Over the years I have gained a little more weight than I would have liked so, I have set a new goal for myself. 

Setting a goal whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain where you are now is a good idea. My personal goal for my self this school year is cutting back on pastas and breads/rice. Now I'm not cutting them out completely, but if I have bread on a certain day it is one piece or a half of a piece. 

Eating healthy  isn't only for losing weight, it can help you have more energy. After eating a chick-fil-a sandwich I feel tired and gross. But after I eat vegetable soup with carrots,potatoes, turnips, tomatoes and zucchini I feel full of life and ready to finish up my day! Don't you?

Eating healthy can be fun too! Instead of eating a big ole bowl of mashed potatoes (which honestly sounds sooo yummy... BUT) you could eat some mashed cauliflower! Yummy! I love doing this and it taste very similar. I also LOVE eating my chicken alfredo sauce over broccoli instead of noodles! It is better for you and it is scrumptious! 

Eating healthy doesn't have to be impossible to achieve. It's all about trying new things and finding what you like! Lets go on a journey together to start eating better for our bodies! 

Well, Iv'e got to get a move on! Let me know in the comments what your favorite healthy food is!! 

                                          As always, feel free to subscribe! See ya'll later! 
                                                              Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


 Surprise surprise!! I am so thankful that I got the chance to quickly write a post today! I am having some quiet time and doing so extra school work so I thought I should post something!!! Ya'll, it is so much fun here at camp!! I have been so convicted on so many things already and it's only been 2 days! We have some of the best teachers here! 
Come back on Monday for some recaps and other fun things going on! 
See ya then! 

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO