Monday, May 7, 2018

5 Highlights from the school year 2018!!!

School just ended and Summer is just starting! As I look back at freshman year, I remember all of the great things I did with friends and family! Here are my top 5 favorite memories from the school year!

Spending time with this girl! My sweet sis Katy and I did so much together this year! We are both starting college next year, so one of my favorite moments was going to our community college meetings with her! We learned so much and I can't wait to see how God challenges us next year!

Kauffman Centre with fam and friends! Loved this performance of Underground! This sweet girl, Kylar, has been such a great friend this year! I Plan on MANY MANY more shows with her!

Spending time with some of the B E S T  girls you will ever meet! These girls are uplifting, Godly, sweet, funny and not to mention beautiful on the inside and on the outside! 
Home school family camp!! We go every year in the fall and it never gets old! I love seeing all of our friends, growing closer to my family and being challenged/convicted by Jesus in so many different ways!
Playing the role of Miriam at my enrichment center! It was so much fun and I loved working with all of my closest friends!!! 

Hope everyone is having a blessed week! 

Mackenzie Alexis

Friday, May 4, 2018

My favorite SUMMER hairstyles!

Summer is sneaking up on us so quickly this year! I have been getting ready for warm weather and I can't wait for it to finally get here! Every year I always tell myself that I'm going to take less time on hair/makeup for the Summer and just enjoy it! But somehow I end up taking forever and not getting to just relax! SOOO... with all of that said, I have mastered 3 awesome and cute hairstyles that literally only take like 3-5 minutes! Here are my go-to quick and easy summer hairstyles!!

                         I call this one the braided low pony! It is super cute and as easy as can be! 
                                                                    2 simple steps:
                                       a. Simply do a dutch braid down the side of your head
                         b. secure it into a ponytail along with the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck
This one is probably my favorite! And the easiest! 
2 steps-
a. braid your (damp) hair before bed (can be french braid or just side braids)
b. unbraid your hair when you wake up and spray with a little bit of hairspray!
Wa-la! Your done! And it only took like 1 1/2 minutes!
I LOVE THIS ONE!! I did this so often last Summer and it was sooo easy!
3 steps-
a. divide your hair into 2 sections
b. make 2 ponytails at the crown of your head
c. once secured, wrap each piece into a bun and pin with bobby pins as you go! 
(OPTIONAL: pull wispies out of the front to create a messier look)

There you go girls!!! 3 awesome and cute hairstyles sure to S L A Y  your Summer!! 
Love y'all so much!

All the love,
Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Monday, April 30, 2018

How I stay organized!

Okay. I have to admit it... I am an organizing freak! I am the girl who literally can NOT function with out a calendar. I just can't. I have to have my things laid out nicely in a specific order. If your anything like me you probably know what I'm talking about. Now, don't worry if your not a clean, organized, scheduled person! I have all of my essentials that I use on a daily basis that I want you to know about! Here we go!


I absolutely could not live with out my planner. Over the years I have tried different kinds of planners, but I have found that my personal favorite has been the Happy Planner!
These help me keep so organized! I can write my school schedule, my family schedule and all of my personal stuff in here too! And- Bonus - you can decorate the inside and make them look super cute!


I have like 7 of these in my room! They are so helpful for organizing brushes, mascara, pencils, pens, markers and everything in between! I have 4 holding my makeup brushes and then several others throughout my room holding everything else imaginable! 


I highly recommend having different binders for different subjects! I keep mine organized by color/print! Doing this helps me keep track of all my loose papers and assignments!


Girl! Make some cute lists! This helps me get through my day feeling accomplished and motivated! You can get a cute pad from the store, print some off the computer or just make your own and decorate them! When they look pretty, I have found my self wanting to get through my tasks much faster and I tend to have a happier spirit about it! 

Well, girls. I hope this post helped you out and you got something from it. Please let me know if you have any other ways to stay organized! Comment your favorite way to stay organized down below!! 

                                                                  Lots of love,
                                                         Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Life Lately...

                                          I'm Back!!

It's been a while since I last posted! Life has been super crazy- in good ways- lately. So, here is what I've been up to the past couple of months!

One of the major things I'm doing right now is school!! I'd always heard people talking about how much work high school is, but I didn't think it would be this much! Haha! Even though it can sometimes be tedious, Iv'e always loved homework and school so I really don't have much to complain about!

My best friends Surprise birthday party! We did a little scavenger hunt and had to take pictures with different things. We were split into groups so this is only about 1/3 of us!
I learned to cook at a young age, so I enjoy making meals for my sweet family! This was Korean BBQ night! 
We had the joy of going to the performance of Underground and seeing this beautiful lady! She used to be my dance teacher! She is such an amazing dancer and an even more amazing person!

The Lord is so good to have blessed me with so many good, Christian friends! 

Love this sister so much! She has such a beautiful heart!

And just because we had to take a mirror selfie.....
Auditions for so many different shows!!

I'm going to have to say that this Easter was one of my favorite Easters so far! I love having all of the sibs together and having such a sweet time of fellowship!! 
All of us girls and mom helped with the Easter eggstravaganza at our church!! L.O.V.E. being a part of such an amazing church body!

I was just in a show called the Messenger. It was all about Miriam (Moses' sister) before the Exodus! I had the privilege of playing Miriam! Some sweet friends came to support me! 
More church service projects!
One of my favorite lunches Iv'e made in a while for the fam! So easy, and SOOO yummy!
Girls retreats!
We love to shop!!!!
Visiting some super sweet friends!! Loved spending time with them and learning so much from them!
Katy and I went to (her last, my first) prom together! We went to 2 different home school proms! 
No, I wasn't upset that is was snowing a week after Easter. ....... OKAY, maybe a little. 
So this is kind of a big deal. Katy is starting College next year!!!!!!! Luckily she is staying at home so I won't have to miss her too much! On top of that I'm starting Jr. College next year! This was a meeting for home schoolers. 

Time to sign off! I hope you are having a wonderful & blessed week!

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5 reasons to not date in high school!

So many teens now a days feel the pressure to date in high school. If you date that means your pretty, cool and popular. And if you don't your weird, unwanted and... well you get it. So many teens actually believe this. As I entered high school I realized how much pressure you feel to date or have crushes. As I have thought about this, I realized that there are so many benefits to STAYING SINGLE in high school!! Here are my top 5 reasons to stay single in high school!!!


We all know that high school is stressful. Why add one more thing onto your plate that will make your life even more stressful? When we are put under that much stress we are constantly thinking about other things other than school work, grades, family and Jesus!! Take this time in your life to really learn, love Jesus and make long lasting friendships!

                                        2. YOUR HEART!!!

As girls, we have very sensitive hearts. God made us to grow up and get married. He wants us to fall in love... when we are ready. You most likely won't marry the guy you like right now. Why put ourselves through the pain of breakups and fights?

                                        3. YOUR HUSBAND!!!

Think about it. The guy you might be dating right now is probably someone else's husband. Only 14% of people marry their high school or even college sweetheart! That means that there is an 86% chance that you won't get married to your high school sweetheart, which means HE IS SOMEONE ELSE'S HUSBAND!!! Would you want to know that your future husband is out there dating a ton of other women?!?!

                                        4. FRIENDS!!!

When your not focused on dating him you can be his friend!! Being his friend is much more fun!! You don't need to stress, you can just relax and enjoy your teen years!! I once had a close guy friend say to me, "I like her (my friend), but I just want to be her best friend." That is what we should all be saying!! Just be their friend and if Jesus plans for you to marry him, guess what..... YOU WILL!!! 

                                        5. JESUS AND PURITY!!!

Because we are young, we make quick decisions. We jump instead of tiptoe. We need to focus on keeping our minds on God and saving our hearts for our husbands!!! I know that I want to save my first kiss, hand hold, and other "relationship things" for my husband!! 

What do you do for now? 

Keep in the WORD! That is my best advice! Ask God to keep you focused on Him instead of boys! Stay friends with those boys and hold your friendships close! I have always grown up with my mom encouraging me to have good relationships with boys and to treat them like brothers! After all, THEY ARE YOUR BROTHERS IN CHRIST!!!

If you have any questions or comments let me know!! I would love to pray for you and your precious heart!! Comment down below 1 reason you would/would not date in high school! I'd love to hear from you!!!

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why I'm NOT a feminist:


I am a female. I am a strong female. I am a confident female. I am a successful female. 

None of these things are because I am a feminist. I am, and you are, growing up in a society that tells us that we have to do everything a man does. We grow up hearing "you don't need a man to take care of you." We see more and more women staying single because they are"doing great" without a husband.
          Before we jump into the topic of feminism we need to first discus what it means to be a woman. Being a girl is more than just being female. We are more precious than rubies. We are one of a kind. We are different, set apart. We are PRINCESSES. We are called to be sweet, and caring. Not nagging and rude.

         Now, before you get upset and say "I have and opinion" or " I should get a say in my life." let me tell you what I mean. We, as women, are not called to be silent and opinionless. We are called in PROVERBS 11:16 ( A kindhearted woman gains honor, but ruthless men gain only wealth.) to be kindhearted. Not to down talk or emasculate men.

We don't need to do everything a man does in order to be equal. We can, but we don't need to. We can hold the door open as we enter a building, but why not let a man do that? We can go to work everyday just to prove we can, but why not stay at home with your children treasuring them? Why?

God says multiple times (1 Perter 3:1-2) that as women we are to submit ourselves to our husbands and fathers. This doesn't mean we have "less power" but it does mean that we have to obey. Our world has such an issue these days with submitting our lives to anyone.


That while they think they are earning us "power" and equality they are actually taking away our right to chose. What if we want to stay home, cook dinner for our family, and ask permission for certain things? Everyday I run into someone who claims to be a feminist. They tell me I just don't understand it. Let me tell you, I DO!!! But I don't feel the need to prove myself. Because guess what?!?!?!?! Jesus did that for me!!!! Another problem with feminism is that the "goal" of feminism is equality and sameness, but yet by doing this we are emasculating men and making ourselves greater than them. HOW IS THIS EQUALITY???????/

To wrap this all up, If this were the mid-twentieth century when women really didn't get paid the same and treated the same, I probably would be a feminist. But, that isn't the case anymore. We are getting paid the same and treated the same. 

It is more an issue of WHO you surround yourself with than it is an issue of inequality. 

We were created to be nurturing, kind, loving and sweet human beings. If you find your identity in Jesus you won't NEED an identity anywhere else. And that is the truth. 

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on feminism!!! Please, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, shoot me and email or leave a comment!! I hope you know just how much Jesus loves you and cares about you!!!!

                                YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!!!!!

Love always,
Mackenzie Alexis XOXO

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thanksgiving Recap!


We had the joy of having 21 family members and friends over!!

We decided to have a lovely setup of chairs and tables!! This was one of the center pieces made by Yours truly!
Sides went into the oven when the guests got to our home. 

This was the table BEFORE everyone ate!! 

Prayer circle before dinner! We were so lucky to be surrounded with so many  people we love! Children, teens, young adults, moms, dads, and seniors. 

This was the adults/older teens tables! 
One of our cousins helping the kids open their sparkling cider!
Some of the adults brought wine for other adults.
I consumed SOOO much food over that week!
This uncle of mine is such a role model! He loves his family, friends and most importantly Jesus! 
You may have heard me say in a recent post that this girl has a big heart, but I mean it!! This was her giving her momma kissies after dinner!
It always is so awesome to see her parents show tremendous love to her! 
They love her so much!!!
After dinner we had pies!!! We probably had at least 12 pies?!!!??!?!
I had pumpkin pie and it was soo delicious!! 
Some of the kiddos had these yummy cupcakes!
After dinner we took some friends to see the plaza lighting ceremony! This was right before the countdown!!
The night ended with this.... This is the plaza after the lights were turned on!!! So beautiful!!

How was your Thanksgiving? What are your traditions?
Leave a comment below! 

Mackenzie Alexis XOXO